Little Doses, Auntie Annies, Belfast

It’s a rather busy sunday evening in Auntie Annies this evening and as much as we’d like to believe there weren’t too many hangovers in Belfast, the allure of seeing ex-Snow Patrol man Mark McClelland’s new musical venture Little Doses is probably what has everyone out on a school night. 

A hybrid of Northern Irish and Scottish musicians, Little Doses take to the stage, touring to promote their new album Rock. Riot. Soul. Very well dressed in red and black, with lead singer Kirsten Ross sporting an elegant red dress, it’s nice to see a bit of class in this venue for a change, as Little Doses look ready for a slot on Jools Holland rather than Sunday night in Auntie Annies. However, don’t let it fool you as the band kick off their set with 'Mile High' and we know that this ain’t no Hootenanny. 

Admittedly, it takes a few songs for the audience to warm to Little Doses. However, the highlight of the set was the slower number 'The Carbon Cycle' which really demonstrated how powerful lead singer Kirsten Ross’ vocals really are and why her voice helps set the band’s sound apart from other contemporary rock acts. With this song, Little Doses really grab a hold on the audience and have their full attention from here on in. 

There’s plenty of stage banter as they then ask the audience to make themselves known, throw caution to the wind (along with a few bar stools) and get close enough to smell them. It’s a shame it doesn’t happen quite that way because what follows are a number of truly enjoyable heavier songs such 'Stolen Cars' and 'Monster In Me' have enough swagger that would make any skinny jean-ed wearing Snow Patrol fan go weak at the knees. However, as the set draws to a close with the song 'Slow Burn', a few punters finally decide to get in for one last dance. Never mind the hangovers, Little Doses may just have been the cure. 

Leigh Forgie

Leigh Forgie
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