Little Doses

Congratulations you have found the Little Doses official website, a band featuring the best of Edinburgh's music talent, click on about us to find out more.

Here you can listen to our new album, "Rock Riot Soul" released through Black Ditto Recordings. Now reduced to just £5 for Christmas!

You can also buy a cd, download it, grab a t shirt, check out our upcoming shows, watch some videos, contact us and spread the word on facebook and twitter x.

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Mark McClelland on `Rock, Riot, Soul´ the debut album of his new band Little Doses.
Be awesome, follow your heart, work hard, work harder it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and make sure you enjoy every minute.

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Milton Road Session

So we needed a video to accompany the release of our debut album. We wanted to do something a little different, something with some vibe, not so much of the starring into the middle distance lip syncing approach. So on 26th February 2012, the weekend before the release of Rock Riot Soul, Little Doses visited the auditorium at Jewel & Esk college in Edinburgh.

We set up as if for a gig and filmed and recorded acoustic versions of three songs from the album, Stolen Cars, On the Back Stays and All Left Unsaid. Things were laid down in a really relaxed enviroment and the sound of the recordings really blew us away. It's not often you hear music recorded totally live these days, studio practices have all but phased this out. There's definitely a magic to this approach, it's all about the atmosphere, the recordings instantly had a cool 70s vibe and we fell in love with them.

So after a hasty mixing session, to get the tracks ready in time, we added the acoustic versions of the songs as bonus tracks on the album. Obviously it was too late to magic them onto album downloads all over the world, but if you are buying the album or download from our own site littledoses.com they are yours for free!

The videos were recorded and edited by two students from the college and a great job they've done. It's so much more interesting to watch a band knowing they aren't miming, actually watching the recording process. So please excuse the lack of scissorkicks and duck walks, we were concentrating!!!

The only other way to get a hold of the tracks (if you've already bought the record from somewhere else) is to share the Milton Road videos on your preferred social network. Then use the contact us tab above and request a download code.
Little Doses, Auntie Annies, Belfast
Never mind the hangovers, Little Doses may just have been the cure. read more
Mark McClelland on new beginnings, old times and working with the wife
I don’t want Little Doses to be overshadowed. It’s so much more than a side project. It is inevitable that comparisons will be made, and it’s hardly a level playing field – I am prepared for that – but at the same time I hope Snow Patrol fans find out about Rock Riot Soul and take the time to listen. read more
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